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Five Reasons Why Buffalo Turf May Be The Right Choice For Your Garden

Buffalo grass is one of the most popular choices for lawns. It is easily available as turf and can be laid quickly and easily. What are some of the reasons that this type of grass has become the first choice for so many gardeners?


One advantage of buffalo grass is its strong green colour, even in winter. Many grasses fade or start to brown when the weather gets colder, but buffalo grass will retain its colour and keep your lawn looking fresh. Keeping it fertilised is all you need to do to ensure a healthy green lawn that lasts for the whole winter.


Secondly, buffalo grass keeps very well during dry conditions. It has a very deep root system, which means it has access to more water and can use it efficiently. In very dry weather - when a week has passed without rain - you will probably need to water it, but if this is not possible, the grass should recover fully once the drought is over.

Shade Resistant

A third advantage to buffalo grass is that it does not need to be in regular strong sunlight to thrive. This is because the leaves are broad enough to capture much more sunlight than other types. It will not do well in permanent shade, but as long as it receives a few hours of light every day, it is the ideal choice for gardens that are in shady positions.


This kind of grass is also very tough. It is fast growing and can quickly recover from hard use. If your garden is used a lot by children and pets, you will know that the lawn can easily get damaged and may need spot repairs. This should not be necessary with buffalo grass as it will effectively be able to repair itself, and can therefore tolerate a lot of wear and tear.

Salt Tolerance

Finally, buffalo grass can tolerate higher levels of salt than other varieties. If you live in a coastal area, you may find that salt levels can be a problem. In this case buffalo grass may be the solution. It will not tolerate being watered with sea-water, but should be able to cope with large amounts in the soil.

To find out more about the benefits of using buffalo turf in your garden, just talk to your supplier who will be happy to answer any questions.

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