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Two Benefits of Putting Roller Blinds Up in a Restaurant’s Outdoor Seating Space

Here are two benefits of using roller blinds in the outdoor seating area of a restaurant.

They can protect the restaurant's outdoor wooden furniture

Wood is a common choice of material for outdoor furniture and many restaurants have wooden tables and benches in their outdoor spaces. The cellulose and lignins in wood are sensitive to UV rays and can weaken when exposed to them for long periods. Additionally, UV light can also cause the colour of wooden furniture to fade from brown to a less attractive grey hue.

One important, but not very well-known perk of putting roller blinds up in a restaurant's outdoor seating space is that they can protect its wooden furniture from UV damage. This is because most roller blinds that are manufactured for outdoor spaces are made from fabrics that UV rays cannot readily penetrate. As such, if a restaurant owner who has this furniture in their outdoor seating areas puts up outdoor roller blinds, they could notice that the speed with which this furniture ages and deteriorates slows down.

Given this, any restaurant owners who have invested in high-quality wooden furniture for their outdoor seating spaces, and who wish to ensure that they won't have to replace it or have it refinished anytime soon should consider protecting it by fitting some outdoor roller blinds in this part of their premises.

They can allow those sitting in this area to see and use their smartphones more easily

A second lesser-known benefit of having outdoor roller blinds in this area of a restaurant is that, when pulled down, these blinds could allow the people who sit in this area to see and use their smartphones more easily. This is because the blinds will block out the bright sunlight, which might otherwise make the content on the screen of a smartphone hard to see. The significance of this should not be underestimated, as the vast majority of people take their smartphones everywhere with them and like to use them to go online whilst they're drinking or having a meal outside with their companions in a restaurant.

If customers have no means of casting shade on their smartphones whilst they're sitting in a restaurant's outdoor space, they might be less likely to while away a few hours there (whilst ordering several extra drinks or snacks that would increase the restaurant's profits), in the way that they would if they were able to easily see and use their smartphone as a source of entertainment during their visit to the premises. As such, the presence of these blinds in a restaurant could potentially lead to customers spending more time and more money in this place.

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