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How to Pick the Right Type of Traffic Calming Devices for Your Work Project

The population across Australia is always on the increase and this has considerable repercussions for the superstructure and in particular, the road systems. It's little wonder, therefore, that construction seem to be ever present, as roads must be improved to take into account the increased flow. Yet whenever a construction project is initiated, safety issues arise and in particular, the workers need to be protected at all times from accidents caused by drivers who are simply not paying enough attention. How can these workers be kept safe, while the all-important work continues around the clock?

Preparing for the Unexpected

It's unfortunate, but engineers and planners have to expect the unexpected whenever they are setting up a work zone. It simply not enough to assume that motorists will see the existence of the zone and slow down accordingly and of course, this problem can be exacerbated in times of poor driving visibility at night or in bad weather.

Placing Cushions

One of the solutions is to place a number of "crash cushions" at the start of each work zone, which is known as the "leading edge." These are designed to cope with drivers who will simply not pay enough attention and will in many cases self-restore to their original size and shape when they are bumped or rubbed inadvertently.

Setting up Lights

However, perhaps nothing is as effective as temporary traffic lights, which will bring traffic to a complete halt in each direction for the ultimate in regulation. In this way, the number of cars that are able to access a particular stretch of road at any given time is restricted and this should allow work on a particularly sensitive part of the job to be protected.

Today, these lights are set up with high visibility, LED signals that can be seen from a great distance and even in the worst weather conditions. They can also be placed in concert with other traffic calming devices to take into account all eventualities.

Additional Advantages

It's also possible to place these devices in areas that are relatively remote and may not have access to any immediate power sources. Many of the solutions utilise solar panels rather than generators and this may be advantageous in an area where noise pollution could be a problem due to nearby housing.

Choosing Your Equipment

Have a word with your equipment supplier so that they can suggest a product or configuration that meets the specific needs of your work site.

For more information, contact companies like A1 Roadlines Pty. Ltd.

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