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4 Ways to Handle Basic Tarp Repair

Many people use tarps because they are strong and durable. This makes them an ideal choice when you are going camping since the tarpaulin can protect you from the harsh weather and wild animals. However, the tarp can be damaged while you are camping. This should not mark the end of your trip. Below are ways that you can handle basic tarpaulin repairs when your tarp is slightly damaged.

Handling a tear on the tarp

You can easily place your tent over some hidden roots which cause a tear. When this occurs, there is no need to panic since you can solve the problem temporarily and proceed with your trip. One approach involves the use of adhesive tape. Pull both edges of the cut together and then hold them using adhesive tapes. This tape should be waterproof to prevent water from getting into the tent through the edges of the tape. When the tear is too big and using the tape can be messy, you can use screen mesh patches. These patches will cover the entire area of the damage securely.

Dealing with a stuck zipper

What will you do if your tent zip keeps getting stuck regularly? Many campers will opt to purchase another tent. However, the problem can be easily resolved if you have a zipper cleaner. This liquid comes in a small bottle with a nozzle, which enables easy application on the zipper. It helps to remove any material that may be blocking the movement of the zipper. The cleaner also acts as a lubricant which makes it easier for the zipper to move up and down.

Loose seams

You can be very worried when you discover that some seams of your tent are loose and you cannot access a repair shop for re-stitching. In this case, you can use a seam sealer which will bind the loose part. You only have to apply it on the surface and hold it firmly for a few minutes and then you are done.

Dealing with water penetrating into the tent

Suppose it starts raining when you are camping and water starts seeping into the tent, what is the best way to handle the situation? When this occurs, you should not panic. The first step is to identify the spot from which water is leaking into the tent. You will then take some silicone waterguard and apply it on the particular spot. This simple action will restore the waterproofing capabilities of the tent.

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