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The Reasons Your Construction Project Needs a Land Surveyor

Your construction project needs a land surveyor. For certainty, security and increased knowledge of your land, surveyors can make a huge difference. Contrary to popular belief, getting a surveyor in doesn't have to be ridiculously expensive, but it is worth the value to opt for a more thorough check of your land's boundaries. Surveying is necessary if you want to build on land effectively, and it will have other benefits for your construction project too. 

Title insurance

Surveying provides certainty, which is why land title insurance providers love it. If a land surveyor has checked your land, you may be able to get extended coverage on your title insurance. That means less risk and fewer unforeseen expenses for your project. The extra insurance coverage is worth it for the added protection, plus you'll gain more information about your property.

Boundary disputes

If you're engaged in a boundary dispute, whether it's with a neighbour or the government, a land surveyor can set you straight. By letting you know exactly where the boundaries are and what land is yours, you'll be prepared to go into the conflict with facts and figures. Knowing your land is essential to winning in a boundary dispute, which is why surveying is a service that most construction managers will need. 


Each division of land makes a mistake more likely. That means most parcels of land today have many miscalculations along the way, resulting in irregularities that can cause issues for your construction project.  These mistakes are what underly most boundary disputes, so you need to get your facts straight to be certain that your land is what you think it is. A land surveyor's research and knowledge are essential to fix miscalculations regarding your land area, as they can follow established procedures to make sure that construction can go ahead unimpeded. 


Most pieces of commercial land are subject to some kind of easement or restrictive covenant. These land interests come with your title, and they mean that you may be less free to develop your land than you believe. Rather than simply guessing where you are allowed to place buildings, a land surveyor can determine exactly where you need to avoid construction and where you can proceed without worrying. Often, developers simply assume that looking at the map is enough. This is not the case—always seek professional advice from a land surveyor if the land you're building on has any other interests listed on the title.

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