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How to Ensure You Protect Your Boat from Corrosion

You've always wanted to buy a boat so you can spend many a long hour cruising some of the inland waterways in your area and enjoying the good life. You may be completely new to the marine world, however, and don't know much about routine maintenance, so in this case, you're going to need a crash course in corrosion. Yes, you need to take specific measures to avoid any significant deterioration if you're going to protect your investment, so what do you need to know about this ever-present risk and steps you can take to deal with it?

The Hidden Risk

Whenever water comes into contact with metal or any electricity is involved, then there is a constant and never-ending risk of corrosion. This can come in two different forms, where two separate metals galvanise when submerged in seawater to cause a chemical reaction, or it can be electrolytic, where currents leak from an appliance and cause damage to the specific components on the boat.

Something's Got to Give

People address these problems in two different ways by introducing specific anodes to counterbalance. They may use a zinc anode that can help them to protect most of the metal on the boat, or they can use an aluminium anode to help look after one of the most expensive pieces, the outboard motor.

Likely Requirement

You have to consider what type of hull is fitted on your boat in the first place. Of course, fibreglass and wood are not susceptible to this problem, although metal-based equipment attached certainly will be. If you have an aluminium or steel hull and other metal components are also linked, then you will have to be particularly careful to avoid galvanic corrosion. You can do your best by adding protective paint coatings but will certainly need to consider a sacrificial anode.

Level of Risk

The more time the boat sits in the water, the more anodes you may need, and you can calculate your requirement according to how much of the hull is exposed beneath the waterline. You can also determine how many of these anodes you need according to the time your boat spends in different types of water. You may encounter brackish, salt or freshwater during the course of your adventures and can make your choice carefully with this in mind.

Calculating Your Needs

You may be unsure how to calculate your needs in this case and should certainly talk with a supplier who has experience in this area. They will help you determine how many anodes of what type you need so you are as protected as you possibly can be.

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