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Top Tips When Buying Shipping Containers

Shipping containers are an instant solution for people that would want extra storage space, temporary housing or a means to transport goods. The excerpt below discusses some considerations you should make when buying a shipping container. 

New Versus Used

When buying a new container, check the specifications to determine its build quality. Preferably, the container should be made from rust-resistant and reinforced corten steel. Below are a few tips to help you inspect used containers:

  • The container should be damage-free. Lookout for dents and rust along its edges and underneath. Besides, check the container for signs of wrapping.
  • The doors should open and close with ease. The hinges should be well oiled and crack-free.
  • Inquire about the container's previous use. For instance, a container used to transport chemicals cannot be used to ferry farm produce.
  • Pools of water on the container's floor are a sure way to detect a leaking roof.
  • Expect some floor damage if the container has been used for long. Check the floor for mould, pest infestation and chemical spills. 

Type of Container

How do you intend to use the container? For instance, a refrigerated container is an ideal choice for people that would want to transport farm produce. On the other hand, insulated containers are used to transport temperature-sensitive products, such as medicines, blood and chemicals.

Double-door and side-storage containers are a perfect choice for people that would want to convert the container into a storage facility, home or office. Car carriers have compartments that enable you to load vehicles safely. An open-top container allows you to ferry irregular objects that cannot fit inside a closed container.  


Standard containers are either 20 or 40 feet long. Most containers are 8 feet high. However, some are 9 foot, 6 inches high. They are a preferable choice since they offer more storage space. 


Thoroughly compare the pricing of different containers. Typically, you will pay more if the container is in excellent condition. Ask for a discount and guarantee on used containers. Below are some tips to help you purchase used containers online:

  • Deal with reputable sellers with lots of positive reviews from previous customers.
  • Ask for many pictures from different angles. Alternatively, you could ask for an inspection report from a reputable container inspection company.
  • Inquire about extra costs. For instance, will the seller provide free shipping? Besides, beware of custom charges if you would want to import the container. 

Buying a container is easy with the above tips. Choose a suitable type of container, determine the required size, examine the pricing and observe the recommended inspection tips. 

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