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How could pallet racking boost your business?

Pallets are the easiest and most efficient way of moving large amounts of goods from one location to another. Pallets are also a great way of safely storing items securely until they are needed, whether that happens to be overnight or for the longer term. One important question that many companies need to face is, 'What happens when you run out of room to store pallets?' As the number of pallets that you need to deal with grows, it can become difficult to access pallets and to easily find the pallet you need. One solution to this problem is to utilise technology and adopt a pallet racking system. Here are three reasons to think about introducing pallet racking to your company.

Maximise the available space

No matter how much storage space you may have, it will soon fill up if you don't make proper use of it. With most warehouses, it is common to work out how many pallets you can fit inside based on the amount of floor space there is, but that is not an accurate measure of the available space. You might think that the warehouse is full once the floor is full, but that way of thinking forgets about all of the vertical space you are wasting. When you use pallet racking, you can fit in many more pallets, use less floor space and more easily find the pallets you need.

Decrease turnaround times

In the world of pallet delivery, speed and efficiency are vital. Businesses rely on their delivery companies to bring them the supplies they need without delay. When you adopt a pallet racking system, not only can you pack your pallets more densely, but you can also introduce drive-in racks so that pallets can be placed or retrieved with less effort, helping to make your business more efficient so that you can offer quicker order fulfilment to your customers.

Create a customised pallet racking system

All forms of pallet racking offer a durable storage solution that saves you time and space, but the configuration of the racking system can be customised to suit your business. You could opt for a selective rack, a carton flow rack, or a drive-in rack depending on the type of pallets you want to store and the way you want to run your business. To find out which pallet racking system would suit you, talk to your supplier today.

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