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When Should You Consider Working with a Structural Engineer?

A structural engineer is an expert you can rely on when you need someone to analyse factors that exert forces upon a building, or prove if a building can remain sturdy and resist the forces. Their training allows them to confirm a building's structural soundness against forces like temperature, wind, pressure, and gravity. Although contractors and inspectors can detect any warning signs that indicate that there are some building issues, a structural engineer will offer in-depth analysis of the problem, and provide an appropriate solution.

Here are a few circumstances when it's appropriate to hire engineering services. 

Building a custom structure

One of the primary tasks that require the expertise of a structural engineer is the construction of custom structures. You need an engineer to examine the plan the architect has put in place to make sure the project is a success. One of the things they will do is size the joints, beams, and headers from the foundation of the building to the roofing. The expert may also need to evaluate the site's soil to ensure it can hold the structure in place for years.

Changing the house layout or constructing an addition

Sometimes, you might need to add a studio, garage, office, bedroom or indoor pool in your home. Such an additional project must be handled with care not to compromise on the structure's original integrity. The first thing a structural engineer will do is determine if the addition can be constructed on the building. They'll have the expertise to determine if the walls that carry the building's weight can handle the addition, and recommend the best way forward.

Fixing structural damage

If your contractor or inspector has noticed some signs of structural damage, they will recommend that you have it checked out. Some signs of structural damage include having standing water in the basement whenever it rains, cracking walls, floors or ceiling, and bending walls. It's always advisable to hire a structural engineer to have the matter checked out. The engineer will determine the cause of the problem and its intensity and then share some tips.

Solar panel installation

Have you decided to take the initiative to go green by installing solar energy? Other than saving money, you will be able to play your part in conserving the environment. But before you can buy and install the solar panels, it is crucial to get a structural engineer to verify if your building can handle the additional weight from the panels. They'll take measurements and do calculations, before giving you the go-ahead.

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