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The Three Things You Need To Consider When Choosing Your Lawn

There are many types of lawn available on the market, from the very expensive to the downright dirt-cheap. Of course, finding the right turf for your lawn is not going to be the same process as everyone else goes through, but there are some questions that every Australian should ask themselves when hunting for grass. These questions deal with the conditions your soil and backyard environment provide the grass, which narrows down the types of lawn that you can pick from until you are eventually left with a much smaller choice of compatible options.


Some areas of Australia have a lot more salty soil than others, but it is virtually impossible to realise this without conducting some tests. If every type of grass you lay down seems to die, then there is a good chance that the reason is related to the salinity or salt levels in your soil. Luckily, there are types of lawn that do survive and even thrive in salty soil, you just need to know what to look for. Buffalo grass is well known to survive in even the toughest environments across Australia, and salt in the soil is generally not a problem. 


Trees are quite common across the coastal areas of Australia, which makes for beautiful vistas but a real problem for some types of lawn. This is something that you might forget the first time you try to lay down some seedlings or lawn, and the result will be quite patchy grass with a lot of dead spots. Not to worry, as there are many Australian lawns that do well in the shade with the right type of grass. Tall fescue is a common option looked to for help in shady areas, but there are plenty of options as long as you specify that as one of your needs.


Another reason grass can fail is due to the earth beneath it having quite a rocky composition. If only the top layer of your garden is soil and beneath that there is a lot of hard rock, then grass can struggle. In this case, you want to look for grass that has traditionally shorter roots, and therefore not as much need for space. Ryegrass varieties often fit this description, but make sure that the one you are getting specifically fits that mould. There are also some types of lawn that spread their roots outwards, rather than down, so make sure to ask your local lawn experts if they have any you can see that fit that description.

For more information about different types of lawn, reach out to a turf supplier in your area.

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