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Three Principal Tips for Using Structural Timber in Your Framing

The right structural framing is crucial for a durable building. Therefore, if you are building a house, you should evaluate and compare the range of options available. One solution to consider is structural timber. Wood is ideal because it promotes flexibility in construction, allowing one to explore more designs. Moreover, the material is reliable and durable in residential buildings. If you are interested in this solution, consider these central tips for ideal timber framing.

Compare Wooden Materials

You should keep in mind that there is a wide range of wood materials on the market designed for home building purposes. It is important to purchase the right product for a durable structure. In general, you must ensure that the timber is structural. It should be capable of supporting the weight which will be exerted on it. Also, you should look into the treatments utilised. The lumber should have been treated to eliminate the risk of damage by mould, pest and timber. Additionally, it is worthwhile to look at the appearance of the framing members. The aesthetics will be critical if you are planning on having exposed frames.

Consider Prefabrication Options

The chosen approach for the construction of the framing for your building will determine the convenience of the project. In general, you can opt for onsite construction or the prefabrication of the required elements. Onsite construction is often used because it gives more flexibility as the construction work continues. Moreover, the type of equipment required for the installation is usually simple. However, it is advisable to look into the prefabrication of the framing.

This approach involves engaging a factory to build the structural elements. The completed frames will then be delivered to your site and installed. Prefabrication is beneficial because it allows for the creation of stronger frames because of the controlled environment. Moreover, if there are problems in the design, they will be identified before the framing becomes part of the building. However, you should note that the installation will require cranes for efficient handling.

Inspect Before Installation

Finally, you should plan on assessing the condition of your structural timber before commissioning installation. This is beneficial for both onsite installation and prefabricated members. An inspection will help in detecting damage on the lumber which could have occurred due to deformities and poor handling. Moreover, this process is favourable for ensuring that all the components of your framing have been delivered to your construction site. If not, you will have sufficient time to rectify the mistake. 

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