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Is Composite Decking Best for Your Home?

When you think about your home, it's easy to consider just the indoors. If you are short of space, you might think about how you could rearrange the furniture in each room to increase capacity. However, there is often an alternative way of creating more space without sacrificing your comfort or crowding too much into one room. Why not add decking to the outside of your home and create a space that you can use for entertaining guests, relaxing with the family or enjoying meals in the evening? Decking can provide you with valuable extra living space that will help you get the most out of your home.

Choosing your decking

There are lots of ways that you can apply decking to your home. You might think about adding a single deck along one side of your property. You could consider wrap-around decking or decking with multiple levels. You might be thinking about building a simple deck or one that incorporates built-in chairs and other fixtures. Whatever type of decking you are considering, you must discuss your requirements with your local decking company. They can explain what is possible in your location and what would be practical on your property.

What materials should you use?  

Timber is a popular decking material. It looks fantastic when installed and can be strong and durable if it is cared for properly. Perhaps the most significant problem with timber decking is the amount of maintenance that it needs. If you fit decking outside your home, you must ensure that it remains in good condition. Decking where the paint is chipped and peeling or which has started to rot is not attractive and could be dangerous. To keep timber decking in great shape, you must engage in regular maintenance, including sealing, oiling, and painting the decking to provide the protection that it needs. If you have the time and willingness to maintain timber decking, wooden decking is a good choice. If you would like a lower-maintenance option, why not think about installing composite decking instead?

What are the advantages of composite decking?

Where timber decking can splinter or crack, composite decking is much less likely to do so. Composite decking is a fusion of timber with recycled plastic. It is virtually maintenance-free and can endure extended use in almost any environment. It will not suffer from moss or algae infestation in damp conditions, so it is safe to use throughout the year.

Talk to your local decking installation company to see whether composite decking is a possibility for your home.

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