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Why Install Retractable Wheelchair Restraints?

If you want to install tie-down wheelchair restraints in your vehicle, then you can use manual or retractable products. While manual tie-downs are effective, retractable restraints give you a more advanced solution. What are the benefits of using retractable restraints?

Make It Easier to Secure a Wheelchair

If you use manual tie-down restraints, then the person in the wheelchair, or a helper, has to do more work. They have to pick up the restraints from the floor and attach them to the wheelchair. They then have to tighten them manually. This system doesn't always work as effectively as it should. If someone doesn't get the right tension, then the wheelchair won't be secure. It might roll around when you're driving. If you had an accident, the wheelchair might not stay in place. Wheelchair users won't always find it easy to get the restraints in place. These belts lie loose on the floor, and they can get tangled up. Plus, if someone has limited mobility or motor control, then they might not be able to tighten the straps. They might leave them too loose or pull them too tight.

Retractable tie-down restraints are easier to use. These belts retract into their holding mechanism when they aren't in use, so they won't get tangled up. You simply pull them out of their locking systems. These restraints are also easier to attach. Once you hook them up to the wheelchair, the belts self-tighten. You don't have to do this manually. This makes the restraints easier to connect. You also get a safer restraining tension as you don't have to rely on somebody tightening the belts by hand. The system sets up the tension itself.

Get More Robust Restraints

Manual tie-down wheelchair restraints don't have a storage area. One end attaches to the anchor point on the floor or side of the vehicle, the rest of the restraint is left out in the open. These restraints can get damaged. For example, if someone accidentally pulls or steps on the restraint strap, then it might break or get pulled out of place. You'll also have to spend time keeping these restraints clean. If people step on them, then they'll get dirty. Their connectors might get gummed up so that the strap can't work correctly. Retractable tie-downs retract back into a recessed area when they aren't in use. They get more protection from damage and will stay in better shape.

To find out more about retractable tie-down restraints and how they might work in your vehicle, contact wheelchair restraint suppliers.

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